Wednesday, 8 July 2009

clips from music on the opening night

Opening night was a great success ,I managed to add the last painting minutes before the opening time:).

The night went very smooth and we had a very good turnout of friends and for once I could enjoy my night as everyone helped in runing the show, with helps of my dearest friends : Ian Fisher and Shabnam Shahbazi the refreshments and drinks were taken care of and we had a very prestigious display of snacks and drinks which of course wouldn't have been possible if Tim Lewis hadn't bought all the snacks and food at the first place.

Museum staff :Roger Squires , Malcolm Tucker , Mar Valera did a wonderful job in greating the public and helping with settings and clearance afterwords.

Great thank you to Martin Sach which coped with my demands in lighting and many other things , he is always the man nehind the scene whenever there is anyting hapening at the museum , and he truely is great in dealing with it all .

My lovely musician friends: Stewve Moyes, Saam Fathi , Mehran Karimi ,Ron Briefel, Agnes Hay, gave the night another layer with their lovely music and jamming sessions which you can see in the clips below.
Many thanks to everyone attending ,taking part and making it happen.

Sam Fathi , plays Daf ,Iranian instrument while guests dance to his music, wonderful vibes.

A lovely jam session .

Jamming by Steve Moyes (guitar), Mehran Karimi ( tonbak), Agnes Hey (vocals and knee percussion) ,Ron Briefel ( vocals and bin)

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